Jewelry Gift Giving Guide

Posted on September 25, 2013 | Posted under Jewelry, September 2013

Does holiday gift giving leave you stressed? How can you tell if you are buying quality jewelry? How do you know the ring size? What type of jewelry is perfect for your mom or girlfriend? Find the answers to these questions and more with our Jewelry Gift Giving Guide so you can gift with confidence and enjoy the holiday season!

Buying Quality Jewelry. Jewelry that is made of 925 sterling silver will be stamped with a "925". You can find the stamp on the back of charms or in the clasp of necklaces and bracelets. For rings, the stamp is located on the inside of the band. 925 sterling silver is the best quality you can find. Any jewelry made of less quality could cause allergic reactions and cause discoloring to the skin.

For 14k gold the stamp will be marked 14k, 18k, or 24k. 14k is the most common for gold jewelry. Jewelry made of any other quality can cause allergic reactions, discoloration to the skin, and fading or chipping of metals. The best quality 14k gold dipped jewelry will have the "925" stamp.

Why is it important to buy quality? Quality made jewelry looks and feels better. Not only that, it lasts a lifetime. Mixed metals can be damaged easily and the damage cannot be undone. 

Jewelry for Mom. When picking out jewelry for your mom it's important you choose something of quality, something that reflects her personality and of course, something as beautiful as she is. Our Jessica & Co. necklaces are designed with these things in mind. Each necklace is diamond cut so it gives off the same luminous sparkle as a diamond. Necklaces are made in both 14k gold and sterling silver so they can be worn everyday for years and years. The Dove symbolizes loyalty and strength.

Jewelry for your Girlfriend. Jewelry for your girlfriend should represent one thing... How much you love her. When you give her a special piece of jewelry she will be reminded everyday how lucky she is to have you in her life.


Rings. When choosing a ring make sure you know her ring size. If you are unsure then you can measure one of her rings that she leaves out in her room (asking her will only give away the surprise!). If you have a penny or a dime this can help you determine the size. Lay a dime beside the ring, if the ring is the same size as a dime then her ring size is a 7. If it is smaller then a dime her ring size is 6. If the ring is larger than a dime her ring size is 8. A penny is equal to the ring size of 9. The most common ring size is 7 so if you aren't sure then go with a size 7.

Necklaces. The common chain lengths are 16 inches and 18 inches. For petite build women or women who are 5'5 and shorter it's best to choose a 16 inch length. For medium to strong build women or women with a height of 5'6 + go with the 18 inch chain.

As always, each and every Jessica & Co. order is packaged perfectly for every special occasion. Find the perfect gift for your special someone by visiting our shop. Enjoy!